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The main purpose of coppice cultivation is to create a desired tree stand structure with a certain number of trees, which provides trees with sufficient growing space.
If thinning is carried out in timely and properly, it is possible to grow highly productive and sustainable tree stands.
Coppice cultivation is also needed to promote tree species that are most suitable for certain forest growth conditions.
Proper plant choice significantly impacts increase of growing stock, as well as tree trunk quality. Proper coppice cultivation significantly increases tree growth space and reduces forest production cycle time. This means you will reach the desired result by an average of 10 – 20 years; trees have straight and thick trunks, and suffer less from diseases.
Coppice cultivation ensures tree structure and number optimization, promoting tree growth and increasing the future value of forest stand.
Cleaning overgrown ditches, roadsides and transformable areas
Overgrown areas are neglected meadows, roadsides and shrubbery.
We offer:
cleaning away shrubs, branches and small tree overgrowths from agricultural and transformable lands;
combined overgrowth removal and soil preparation in zones for forest stand improvement;
overgrowth removal after fire in coppice and from infrastructure objects – roads and ditch tracks.