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Forest property management is strictly regulated by Latvian law, which states that property owner has to take care of the tree stand health and tidiness. Forest owner can’t create felling in on his property without advance coordination of such works with relevant authorities. It is not an easy task to be competent in forestry legislation in order to arrange the documents properly and make the most effective use of your forest or agricultural land. This is why it is very important to have professional consultations.



Our specialists offer advice on reforestation, cultivation, maintenance, use, environmental protection, forest infrastructure, non-timber forest value, recreation etc. in accordance with law. We consult on effective forest management and forest management project development. “Alder” Ltd. will professionally carry out all necessary actions for land measurements and forest project preparation.



“Alder” Ltd. provides representation in state and municipal institutions in connection with document processing, as well as provides legal advice on taxation. We offer legal advice if your property hasn’t a land register, is pledged to a bank or has other encumbrance, we also offer help in solving and arrange outstanding heritage issues. We’ll make sure you quickly receive land registry documents, offer the fastest solution to land tax (debt) erase, bank loan and mortgage repayment. Relating to property inheritance documents we will also consult and represent your interests in court.